Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY December

This month I wanted to do a lot of crafts that I've been thinking about doing, but never get around to doing. I'm tired of gawking at things on Pinterest and not doing fun DIY projects. I want to DIY too! This is a super easy DIY project and super cheap...
I call it Pom Pom wrapping paper:
Soo I was looking online at the enchanting anthropologie. And came across gift wrap that had cute Pom poms on it and the paper was crinkled perfectly (of course). At $18 for 3 sheets I was a little hesitant to fork out the money.
Found here

So that's when I became inspired....
All you need is:
Kraft paper
Pom poms (any color)
A present to wrap

Wrap the gift with Kraft paper glue on Pom poms! That's it!

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